Language has two registers: meaning and significance. Meaning is the play of conformity and difference of what is said from the assumptions of discourse or the expectations of genre. Significance is the meaning of meaning. of language suspended in the difference of two or more dicourses or genres. Significance is the politics of meaning, that is, both how we organize meaning and how meaning organizes us.

In a very real sense (though not in a theoretical one), significance is the metalanguage of meaning. Now, though the idea of metalanguage is logically inconsistent, its practice is quite vibrant and vital. All that is required is that it function as such, which means that the limits of the language (and there is no language, only languages) which the metalanguage transcends are artificial and obtain through the tacit agreement between parties that any discursive elements outside of the prescribed limits belong to the metalanguage or are illegible and without relevant (that is to say, any) meaning.